How to find sunglasses for your face shape

Finding the perfect fit can be tricky when it comes to sunglasses. So, we have put together the perfect guide for you to understand what styles best suit each face shape. 

Sunglasses for triangle faces

Triangle faces are widest at the jaw and narrow up to the forehead. With this face shape you will want to add some width to the narrower part of your face, so go for bold sunglasses along brow lines or cat-eye shapes to really emphasise your eyes. 

Styles we recommend: 

Men: WesleyRyan

Women: Stephanie, Isla, Ame, Jessica 

Sunglasses for oval faces

People with an oval face tend to have well-proportioned features and slightly rounded forehead and chin, with  Lucky for you, almost all frame shapes will suit you. We would recommend styles that are a little wider than the widest part of your face. Styles to avoid would be very narrow frames, as they tend to make the face appear longer. 

Styles we recommend: 

Men: Wesley, Timothy, Matty, Ryan, Ben

Women: Emma, Rachael, Kirstie, Jessica, Alice, Gemma


Sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

People with heart-shaped faces will be widest at the forehead, gently narrowing down towards the chin with high and defined cheekbones. The best styles are the ones that naturally offset the wideness at the top half of your face. We suggest opting for frames that are a little wider than your forehead or have an oversized cat-eye.

Styles we recommend: 

Men: Timothy, Ryan, Wesley 

Women: Isla, Jessica, Kirstie, Rachael, Emma


Sunglasses for round faces

Round faces tend to have noticeable curves and less defined angles, with fuller cheekbones. It’s best to choose styles emphasizing sharp angular lines that will help elongate your face and make it look thinner and sharper. 

Styles we recommend: 

Men: Ryan, Matty, Wesley

Women: Isla, Gemma, Michelle, Lauren, Katie, Saadia


Sunglasses for square faces

You’ll be in this category if your face width and length are proportionate, and you’ve got a broad forehead and a strong jaw. The best glasses for square faces are round or oval-shaped - this helps round out the sharpness of the face for a more balanced look.

Styles we recommend: 

Men: Neil and Dean 

Women: Bey, Jojo, Michelle, Anna, Nadine


Sunglasses for rectangle faces

Rectangular faces generally have a deeper forehead, longer nose, with a stronger jawline. A rectangular face works especially well with oversized sunglasses. Steer clear of rounded, softer frames that won’t make the most of your angular features.

Styles we recommend: 

Men: Timothy, Ryan, Wesley 

Women: Kirstie, Emma, Rachael, Michelle, Whitney, Gemma, Ame